Adaptive Dynamics Workshop, Veszprem, Hungary, 2002

Welcome to the webpage of the Adaptive Dynamics Workshop held at Veszprem, Hungary, 18-23 March, 2002.


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Programme of the Workshop on Monday, 18th March
18:00 Patsy Haccou: Branching Processes


Programme of the Workshop on Tuesday, 19th March
09:00 Introduction
10:30 Discussion group on problems of spatial invasion, Ulf Dieckmann: Speciation along an environmental gradient
11:00 Mats Gyllenberg: Adaptive Dynamics of structured populations
12:00 Olof Leimar: Multidimensional adaptive dynamics


Programme of the Workshop on Wednesday, the 20th March
9:00 Frans Jacobs: On the concept of the population dynamical attractors
10:00 Tom van Dooren: Evolutionary dynamics with overdominance for phenotype
10:40 Kalle Parvinen: Evolutionary suicide and the dimensionality of the environment
18:45 Discussion group on problems of spatial invasion, Ulf Dieckmann: Spatial invasion fitness


Programme of the Workshop on Thursday, the 21st March
9:00 István Scheuring: Facultative sex in host-parasite systems
9:30 Olof Leimar: Reproductive value
10:00 Claus Rueffler: Trade-offs and feedbacks in life-history models
10:30 Bruno Ernande: Evolution of reaction norms of age and size at maturity
10:50 Géza Meszéna: Reproductive value and speciation
11:20 Éva Kisdi: Evolutionary disarmament in interspecific competition
11:40 Éva Rácz: Adaptive dynamics of overcolonisation
12:00 Andrea Mathias: Can varrying inbreeding depression select for intermediate self-fertilisation ?
12:30 Ulf Dieckmann: When inbreeding depression is frequency dependent...
18:00 Discussion group on experimental approaches to adaptive dynamics


Programme of the Workshop on Friday, the 22nd March
9:00 Krisztián Mágori: Coexistence in cellular automaton
9:30 Péter Szabó: Performance of alternative moment closures for one and two species Lotka-Volterra systems
10:00 Andrea Mathias: Relative non-linearity of the competition and the plancton paradoxon
10:30 Ulf Dieckmann: What is soft selection ?
11:30 Hans Metz: Canonical equation for physiologically structured populations to amalgamate Mats, Patsy and Ulf
12:00 Géza Meszéna: On the beauties of the interaction operator
17:30 Ulf Dieckmann: Two dimensional adaptive dynamics
18:00 Michel Durinx: Calculating the canonical form
20:00 Discussion group about multidimensional adaptive dynamics


Programme of the Workshop on Saturday, the 23rd March
9:30 Discussion group on spatial ecology and speciation


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