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International Initiative for Theoretical Ecology

With colleagues, we estalished the International Initiative for Theoretical Ecology (IITE). It has been incorporated in England & Wales, as charity. Axel Rossberg is the driving force behind this effort, I am one of the trustees. IITE is meant to be an integrated platform to promote unity, visibility, teaching, funding, advancement and application of theoretical ecology.

This is my blog post on the webpage of IITE. (I hope colleagues do not mind the title ‘What is wrong with theoretical ecology?’.) This is our opinion paper in Trends in Ecology and Evolution (preprint here) on the need to train more theoretical ecologists. Finally, this is a poster on IITE, presented at the MMEE2019 congress in Lyon, France.

Three-phase transitions to reproductive isolation

The following preprint is a results of many years of work in a controversial subject:

Three-phase transitions to reproductive isolation by Géza Meszéna & Ulf Dieckmann bioRxiv 595082


I attended the conference Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Evolution (MPDEE’18) in Leicester, UK between 9-13 April, 2018.

My lecture: PDF

Finnish Mathematical Days, Year of Mathematical Biology

I attended the Finnish Mathematical Days between 4-5 January, 2018 in Joensuu, Finnland. It was a kickoff event for the Year of Mathematical Biology 2018.

My lecture: PDF

StructInst Workshop

I attended the StructInst Workshop in London between 11-15 September 2017. It was a small working group convened by Axel Rossberg. We discussed the state of the theory of structural stability of ecosystems.

My introductory lecture: PDF

Theoretical Biology and Evolutionary Ecology Research Group

I am the group leader of the MTA-ELTE Theoretical Biology and Evolutionary Ecology Research Group from 1 September, 2017. The group was convened by Eörs Szathmáry long time ago; I became its leader because of other commitments of him.

Mathematical theory of biological diversity

The project “Mathematical theory of biological diversity” has received funding for the period 2017-2021 from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Probability: From East to West

I attended the conference “Probability: from East to West” at the Prato Centre of Monash University in Tuscany, Italy.

Event-definition by the organizers:

The event will celebrate the richness and beauty of our field and will honour the scientific work of Peter Jagers and Fima Klebaner and their contributions, both individual and joint.

Conference page

(contains a link to all presentations)

My lecture: PDF

MMEE ’17

I attended the congress “Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution 2017″ between 10-12 July, 2017 in London. I contributed to the Minisymposium “Complex ecological communities”, convened by Axel Rossberg.

My presentation: pdf



Gordon Conference on speciation

I attended the Gordon Research Conference on Speciation between 19-24 February in Tuscany, Italy.

Conference page

My poster: PDF